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Kevin Jones provides Executive Coaching for LGBTQ+ business people and their allies who want to lead their organization‘s value and culture with  inclusiveness.

Kevin Jones Consilium Coaching -- Leadership with Pride

Are You Ready to Lead with Pride?

There is a gay glass ceiling in corporate America that few have broken through. Why? It’s a different type of glass. It keeps openly gay employees from advancing while confining those who aren’t out to remain in their closet. If you’re out, you run up against biases that prevent gay advancement. If you’re not out, you might advance but you’re not bringing your true self along with you. With anti-LGBTQ sentiment on the rise, now more than ever, organizations can widen the opportunities for gay advancement for those both in and out of the closet, and smash that gay glass ceiling once and for all.

Opening the Door for LGBTQ+ Corporate Leaders

Kevin Jones wrote “Opening the Corporate Closet” based on the challenges he faced navigating, ultimately successfully, corporate America as a Gay man. It highlights the author’s own experiences growing up closeted in the conservative South as a Gen Xer in the 1970s and ‘80s, and how those experiences influenced his early career development inside the corporate closet and later advancement once he came out.  It also investigates the hidden forms of discrimination and biases ingrained in the collective mindset of straight people as well as those inside the LGBTQ+ community.


“Moving up the career ladder in corporate America is tough enough. The LGBTQ community faces added barriers on the way up. However you identify, you deserve to navigate these complexities as your authentic self.”

-Kevin Jones

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Consilium Coaching is a boutique provider of leadership coaching to the LGBTQ+ community and their allies at every step of their career development, from new manager to senior leaders.

Finding your Joy Through Corporate Coaching for LGBTQ Community.

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Our New To Coaching program provides a supportive starting point for individuals looking for leadership guidence. With an introductory call and six one-on-one sessions, our program offers the opportunity to work with a mentor and make significant strides towards growth and success, either in-person or virtually.


Kevin Jones of Consilium Consulting, Corporate Coach for the LGBTQ+ Community

Leadership Coaching

You’re a leader who juggles multiple subject-matter responsibilities, all while increasing your focus on the human side of leadership within an organizational culture framework. Our Leadership Coaching Program helps you hone your skills to successfully navigate this complexity as a compassionate, authentic leader.


Finding your Joy Through Corporate Coaching for LGBTQ Community.

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To make it to the top of your leadership game, what got you here won’t get you there. With VIP Coaching, together we can uncover what is holding you back from reaching that next level on your leadership journey and develop a plan to get you there.



LGBTQ+ Corporate Leadership Coach

Kevin worked for several years in the UK before moving to Dallas and began his career with Ernst & Young. After progressing through the ranks in the Tax practice as part of a deliberate career-change decision, he realized his passion lay in helping people do what they do best, while also supporting them in bringing their authentic selves to work every day by modeling this behavior as a gay man. He transformed this passion into a Talent Development leader role. In this role, he attained his International Coaching Federation certification after attending the Hudson Institute of Coaching and additionally holds the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential. 

My Two Cents

Drawing from my own experiences as well as what’s swirling around us in this worrisome world today, I write what’s on my mind regarding coaching, the LGBTQ community, and sometimes both.



There are still lots of those kids out there, carrying old adolescent fears of discovery in middle-aged bodies. Fears that don’t end like a Teams call when we fire up the laptop to start a new day.

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Where Are You in Your Leadership Journey?

How do you show up authentically every day as a member of the LGBTQ community? As a powerful ally? What’s getting in your way? Follow this link to answer a few questions so we can see where you are. And where you’re ready to go.