When I ask LGBTQ coaching clients this question, the responses provide a window to the individual’s relationship between their sexual orientation and their careers.

In my life, I finally exorcized my gay decision diamonds, those microsecond choices we make about what we share with others. “How was your weekend?” turns into a multi-swimlane process map on how a closeted person answers an innocuous question. 

Have I opened up to this person, YES/NO? Is this coworker the one who knows I’m with someone and thinks it’s a “she,” YES/NO? Does my instinct tell me they would be cool with it, YES/NO?

On and on it continued until I chose my answer within a second or two. All that thinking about a simple question. Nope. I don’t miss my gay decision diamonds one bit.

What difference has coming out made in your professional life? What difference have you made to someone else’s life when they came out? What difference could you make?

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