We’re nearing the end of #holyweek2023, which ends with the most important liturgy of the year in the #christian church: the Great Vigil of Easter. There are variations on this theme. I’m Episcopalian. We jokingly refer to ourselves as Catholic Lite. Catholics do it a little differently. As do Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, and so on. But at our core is a shared belief about resurrection and forgiveness.

Not only am I Episcopalian, I’m #gay. Gay and a Christian. Christian and Gay. Say it with me now!

Certain people and beliefs hold that I don’t truly exist. I’m an oxymoron. It’s the #LGBTQ+ community against Christianity. We want to take away your rights as a Christian. You cannot be both. Choose your side. That members of our community can’t also be Christian isn’t an isolated belief of a few news outlets or fringe individuals. The #coachingclient (a practicing Catholic), who was approached at work by a coworker wanting to pray over him for being gay. One of my external client contacts from years ago, making it clear that there was no place in Heaven for people who “practice the gay lifestyle.”

Ask any LGBTQ+ professional and chances are, you’ll hear a story along these lines from their professional careers. I’ll get to Heaven alright, where I’ve got a lot of questions that I hope will find answers. Not on the list is whether I’m really a Christian. Nothing and no one can take that from me. Peace be with you/y’all! #happyeaster #chagsameach #ramadanmubarak.

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