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The Gay Glass Ceiling is Real!


Are you going to spend your day banging your head against that ceiling or come out and be a bold leader?

Are bringing your authentic self to your corporate leadership?

Embracing and Transforming Gay Bias In Corporate America

There is a gay glass ceiling in corporate America that few have broken through. Why? It’s a different type of glass. It keeps openly gay employees from advancing while confining those who aren’t out to remain in their closet. If you’re out, you run up against biases that prevent gay advancement. If you’re not out, you might advance but you’re not bringing your true self along with you. With anti-LGBTQ sentiment on the rise, now more than ever, organizations can widen the opportunities for gay advancement for those both in and out of the closet, and smash that gay glass ceiling once and for all.

“Moving up the career ladder in corporate America is tough enough. The LGBTQ community faces added barriers on the way up. However you identify, you deserve to navigate these complexities as your authentic self.”

-Kevin Jones

Leading with Pride

A native Texan, Kevin graduated from Baylor University. After graduation, he studied economics in France, and remains fluent in French today. After returning from France, he began his career as a French translator for Nortel Networks, which took him to London, where he moved into a public affairs role, working closely with UK Members of Parliament.

Kevin is married to Simon Aisthorpe, a teacher. They have two wild Boston Terriers, Pippa and Bertie.