“You can’t be #gay because X,” where X equals:

  • You don’t act gay
  • You don’t dress gay
  • You dated girls in college
  • You always wanted a family
  • You were in a fraternity

A slivered sampling of the nicer responses to #comingout. At least to my coming out back in the nineties. In the South. As a Southern Baptist (now Episcopalian ⛪ ) Unless they were deliberately unkind, I worked hard to find humor and #grace in words uttered in surprise.

“You dated girls in college.”—“Yeah because I wanted the sorority dance t-shirts.”
“You don’t dress gay.”—“You mean this baggy plaid 1993 Abercrombie and Fitch button-down shirt doesn’t scream GAY? I’m returning it!”

And so on. Flipping an awkward expression of surprise into humor put me back in control. If you know Virgos, you know we like control 😉 We all have our way of dealing with these awkward coming-out situations. If you’re #LGBTQ, how did you deal with yours? If you’re straight, how did you respond when someone came out to you? What would you do differently now?

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